The One Academy PHENOMENAL 1408 Project

LKH Solutions is deeply grateful to be one of the sponsors for The One Academy to kick off the PHENOMENAL 1408 project. PHENOMENAL is the graduation exhibition of The One Academy’s Multimedia Design Batch 1408 featuring 18 designers.

Phenomenal is highly extraordinary, recognizable through senses by definition. We cited the meaning of this word to signify a group of creative talents who were never meant to be average but like hurricane that stormed into the audience’s senses.

The train station is metaphorical to our education at The One Academy, where we have been constructing our own train track since three year ago. Now that we are graduating, the construction of the train track is momentarily accomplished at Phenomenal Station before bigger journey resumes.

On this special day, we host a graduation exhibition at Phenomenal Station to commemorate the accomplishment of 18 extraordinary talents who are ready to engage the audience’s senses!

Congratulations to all the students for all the hard work to make it a successful event.